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I have been making my babies for over 15years now, I was one of the first few reborners before there was even a name for us. My babies are quality art babies and are not a toy but a wonderful collectable piece of art that you can hug and cuddle. I use only high grade products that are non toxic and allergy free and safe plus my babies will ship anywhere in the world. My work shop is in Arizona and is smoke free and pet free, we keep the ducks outside :)

I have a wonderful hubby Bob of 54 years, daughter Judy 52, son Bobby 48 and my baby Steve 39 , they are my whole life. I have 2 dogs, Henery and Dozer, they run the house for sure.
I hope you find a baby that just needs to come home to you, over 1800 have been sent to new mommies all over the world.  

My Reborn Babies are Movie Stars! My Reborn Babies are Movie Stars! 

My babies are going to be featured on an upcoming movie called ''NO GOOD DEED'' Jan 2014. I'm very excited to see them in a movie, they even wanted more babies and a 5 year old. I don't do 5 year olds but they're over the moon with the babies I sent.

Coming out in Nov/Dec 2013 my babies are also in a new movie ''LAST VEGAS''.

In the works right now is ''A FRIGAIN CHRISTMAS MIRACLE'' a funny movie staring Robin Williams, Lauren Graham and Joel Mc Hale.

Make sure to watch for them and my babies!

and TV Stars... 
These are the three babies that I had on the Anderson Cooper show with myself and my son. We had so much fun doing the show and Anderson was so sweet that he gave me a onsie for my baby with his name on it. We love NY and I think we walked 10 miles the first day lol lol. I hope I was a good ambassador for the reborners ...

You may view the show here:

I'm the person on the left and the artist that made most of the babies on the NBC Today Show. I was asked to bring one of my customers and that is Fran in the middle. She has bought many of my babies, well over 40 babies.

It was so much fun hanging out with the TV people and being in the green room ...my babies all were stars and they loved it! 
View a feature of Pumpkin Patch Babies on ''Cory's Corner'', Fox 10 Arizona

Here we are on TLC's ''My Crazy Obsession''

See us on Cronkite News:


Some of my Awards and MembershipsSome of my Awards and Memberships
Nice emails from new mommies...  

Hi Lynn;

You should get your 25.tomorrow,I have really had some sort of stomach bug and did not get to the P.O. when I said I would,so I mailed it Monday.Its cash with a note.I'm sorry about our lack of communication on the matter.The babies came as scheduled.I was feeling so puny,and they were the best medicine.I spent the next day and a half just enjoying them.The little Greta ,you just cannot imagine how she is just like my Mary Jane grand daughter,My husband when taking her out of the box was so quik to ask if I had specifically ordered having her made,and the bonus... and so totally un-expected was pulling '' Baby Billy'' out of the box to find him looking just as her big brother,Pea ,what a wonderful surprise!!! I would just like to tell you that I am a lover of artistry,fine music,and I have loved painting etc. and it has taken me nearly 8 monthes to make a decision as to who I would choose to buy my next baby from...I am so thrilled it was you.I think reborn artists like yourself are the most talented in all the world... art that you can really hold and love, art that is capable of such deeply entrenched affection and emotion as if it came from the womb itself.You touch lives,your work draws out the mother in us,and the litle girl in us all,

Thank you Lynn,



Dear Lynn,

I just wanted to say that Toby is beautiful! You are TRULY a great artist. One of the best in my opinion. You really know your stuff! The reborning you can do is almost unreal at how realistic and carefully crafted your babies are! You pay attention to every SINGLE detail. They are truly a piece of art!

Best wishes,



Hi Lynn,

Judith Ann arrived safely today,She is still sleeping as must be jet lagged lol
Judith Ann is perfect,thanks so much,she is so cuddly and her colouring and hair are perfect.

Thanks so much again.


Dianne and Judith Ann



Hello I wanted to let you know that Jacob just arrived!!! He is sitting here on my lap while I let you 
know how excited I am!! The pictures on e-bay don't do him or your work justice!!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!!  
I can't wait to show him off!!! My girls just love him!! They are old enough to know he's not a toy. My 
youngest will sit on my bed & talk to them in the bassinet.

I can't wait to get Payten Rose home!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! 

Thank You So Much!!!



Hi Lynn,

Baby Sammie just arrived. She is absoutly stunning even better than pics! Thanks for all the talent and love that went into creating this precious little girl! I will leave feedback a little later




I LOVE your beautiful Adrie baby!! You have reborn her to perfection and everything about her is spot on gorgeous! I hope you get a lovely high price for her!!! Her presentation is beautiful too, what a poppet!!!

Must dash I have to pop out!

Love ya!



Hi Lynn,

The stork has travelled across the world and delivered my
beautiful baby Charlotte. You are an incrediably wonderful artist.

Thank you so much,




Dear pumpkinpatchbabies101,

4/8/2011 - Dear Lynn: Your beautiful Krista baby just arrived - she is absolutely outstanding!!! Such a BEAUTY! Wonderful skills produced a real sweetheart! Krista came in perfect condition (and super quick too). Great packing. I love all the gorgeous items you packed with Krista - especially the BEAUTIFUL crocheted multi colored blanket - I'm sure it was hand made. Absolutely beautiful!!! Lynn, many thanks for all of Krista's items - will leave you SUPER feedback, of course, your skills are outstanding & I hope to see more on E-Bay. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! 


Sandie (Krista's new mom)


Hiya Lynn

LOVED all the photos and your lovely e mail!! It all sounds so great, I wish I was there to see some of it. Let's hope that the tv show does you proud, you deserve it more than anyone I know.

I have to go out, just wanted to get back to you quickly and say a huge thank you for mentioning us as much as you did, you really are a star you know and we all love you to bits!!!!!

Sorry I have to rush. Andi is amazing, you have done a really wonderful job of him for the cameras and we are all REALLY proud of you!!!!!  

The auction is just gorgeous and I hope he flies for you - he should!

Love you lots

and Linda and everyone at The Cradle!!


Hi Lynn,

I just want to congratulate you on your new baby., bravo!!! She is adorable, just like my little Adrie. Your talent of creating these life like masterpieces continues to amaze me. I believe that you are making the world a better place one doll at a time. 

Thank you for sharing your gift.!!

Margaret O’Brien  

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